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Plastic Oil Drip Pan

Our Plastic Oil drip Pan is designed to help keep your engine stand stable and free from oil-based grease, the Pan is conjointly made to tailor geared engine stand stores with cradles that need to drain into the wild. Our Pan is rh guide-compatible and grants a drain spout for effortless removal.

Garage Oil Drip Pan

This 8300 dp Oil drip Pan is for the geared engine stand, it gives a-grade material that makes it durable and stable. The Pan is fabricated of durable materials that will never rust or corrode, it is further made of metal for extra strength and safety. This is a garage drip Pan for a geared engine stand, it is manufactured of heavy duty materials and it will protect your engine. The funnel king drip Pan is an enticing alternative to keep your Oil change proceeds from your car safe, this drain Pan as well chemical resistant, making it practical for use in an event like an Oil change. The large automotive drip Pan is designed for 10, 4 liters of Oil and 1945 convenience. It gives a drain hole and a prong which allows for effortless drainage, the Pan is produced of Plastic and provides a black anodized aluminum material. It is fabricated to suit most vehicles, the Pan is manufactured of heavy-duty Plastic and extends a pre-installed coffee grinder. The Pan is further pre-installed with a coffee grinder and a jigsaw, this large automotive drip Pan can do it all.